About Us


Bryce Hanson

"Heya! I'm Bryce Hanson, founder and captain of Ellipse 6814 and founder of FullCircle. I've only been involved in FIRST for one year, but dove in headfirst and took my team to Houston Championships. I focus on communications, outreach, awards, organization, team culture, leadership, and anything Rookie All-Star related."


Luke Crum

"Hi, I'm Luke, Programming and FRC Outreach Lead on team 5740, the Trojanators. I have a passion of helping out other teams and am proficient in Java, C++, and several other languages. I also developed this website."


Ryan Shavell

"Heya! I'm Ryan. I've been in FRC since 2013; I'm currently an alumni and mentor for FRC Team 1902, Exploding Bacon. I've worked in nearly all areas of a FIRST teams- programming, electrical, awards, outreach, website development, grant writing, team culture - you name it. As far as my resume, I've been a Control Systems Captain, Strategy Lead, and Co-President; I've got 3 years of drive team experience (driver & operator at different points), was a strong & active member of our awards team the year we were a Championship Chairman's Award Finalist, and am a 2017 Dean's List Finalist for my work done both within my team and with the general FIRST community. I love working with FIRST teams and helping people out!"


Matt Esser

“I’m Matt, I am an alumni from FRC 5740 the Trojanators. I founded my team in 2014 and started and mentored nearly 15 other FIRST teams along the way. I am proficient in CAD design and have been apart of drive team for 4 years. I have also been recognized as a 2017 Deans List Finalist for my work in the community and on my team.”


Adriana Massie

"Hello! I'm Adriana. I have been in FRC since 2016. I'm a mentor and alumni of FRC team 6201, The Highlanders. I was part of programming, awards, pit crew, safety captain,website and drive team as a student and now I mentor programming, awards, pits, website and outreach."


Robert Briggs

"Hello! I am Robert Briggs. I have been in FRC for one year but have an undying passion to help and learn as much as I can. I am a member of FRC team 4151 SCRAP. I worked with everything this year from running attandance as historian, helping pr, business, electrical, programming, metal fab and safety. Yet my strong suits coming in my determination, research, and anything business."


Cate Sullivan

"Hello! I'm Cate, business and awards leader on FRC team 245, the AdamBots. I've obsessively done FRC for three years and VEX for the two years prior. I work on business planning, awards, outreach, media, electrical, and mechanical. Can't wait to work with more teams!"


Jessica Xiang

"Hello! I'm Jessica, Head of Marketing on Team 3128. I have been involved in FRC for the last 3 years. During my tenure on the team thus far, I've been a bit all over the place but have found my permanent home in our team's business and marketing division. My strong suits are communications, outreach, awards, organization, team culture, and anything social media related. I'm love meeting new people and am looking forward sharing my passion for FIRST with more teams!"


Ronak Roy

"Hiya! I'm Ronak, President, Dean's List Finalist, and mascot of Team 3128: Aluminum Narwhals. Over the past three years, I've worked with branding, strategy, business, and the website. My main role on the team thus far has been programmer; as Head of Controls, I oversaw the electronics and programming department that won our team's first ever Innovation in Controls award. I can't wait to share my knowledge and love for FIRST with new teams!"


Aaron Fang

"Hey guys! I'm Aaron, captain of 3863. I've been involved with FIRST for 3 years at this point, focusing myself primarily in the aspects of mechanical design and fabrication. When I'm not at my computer designing mechanisms, you can surely find me in the machine shop!"


Drew Beamer

"Hello, I'm Drew. FIRST Robotics has been a part of my life since middle-school, when I joined my school's team. I have been a member of FRC Team 2485, the W. A. R. Lords for the past two years, and next year will be my second as the media lead, and third on the media team. I primarily focus on media, although I know quite a bit about outreach, graphic design, and awards."


Jordan Shavell

"Howdy! I'm Jordan and I have been around FRC since 2013. I have been participating since 2014 and a student with 1902 (Exploding Bacon) since 2016. I have experience in nearly every area of FRC: Awards, marketing, public relations, outreach, business, fundraising, grant writing, electrical, pneumatics, scouting, mechanical, drive team/pit crew, mascot, and more. As you can tell, I'm kinda everywhere! I am currently Outreach Lead, PR Manager, and Electrical Captain on 1902 and I'm always expanding my horizons. I'm always reaching out within my community and helping anyone I can."


Lori VanHoose

"Heyo, I am Lori, the Marketing/Imagery lead of 5414 Pearadox for the past 3 years, along with many other things. I am passionate about teaching others and showing how art combines with STEM to make STEAM."


Param Upadhyay

"Hey there! I am Param, the Awards Lead on team 4946, The Alpha Dogs. I have been in FRC for 3 years, and I love it. While I specialize in awards, I am very well versed in design, business, leadership, fundraising, outreach, branding, strategy and much more! I enjoy striving for excellence in everything I do, and helping rookies succeed is just one of those things!"


Elizabeth Olshanetsky

"Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I am the Business Director and Co-President of FRC 1807 - Redbird Robotics. I have been involved in FIRST since my freshman year and am going into my last year as a student on the team. My freshman year I started our team’s business subteam, which includes outreach, fundraising, media, PR, awards, etc. so I know how hard it is to start from scratch. I am also an ambassador for FIRST Ladies and help organize conferences in our area. In 2018, our team received the Entrepreneurship Award and Imagery Award, and I had the pleasure of being a Dean’s List Finalist. I love volunteering, and this past summer I had the opportunity to volunteer in China at the Robotics Championship China where I gave a presentation on writing sponsor letters and business plans. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years from other teams and volunteers, and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience."