Rookie All-Star 101

Rookie All-Star 101 is the beginner's guide to the Rookie All-Star Award. Learn about setting goals, impacting your community in your first year, talking to judges, and more!



Rookie Fundraising 101

Rookie Fundraising 101 is a great starting point for planning out your team's financial plan for your first season. Learn about grants, how to approach sponsorships, and more!



Culture Tips

Tips and Tricks For a Healthy Team Culture gives an in-depth look on all facets of the culture of a robotics team.

Intro to Outreach

Introduction to Outreach is a roadmap to successful community outreach. This article will show you where to look for opportunities, how to maximize your effectiveness, and more!

Leadership Structure

Designing Your Leadership Structure will lead you through the process of creating your team's internal structure. Learn about the different methods of leadership, subteam choices, and more!


Designing Your FRC Brand is an introduction to all things branding. Learn how to pick a color palette, design your logo, and more!

Creating Team Culture

Creating Team Culture helps your team lay the foundation of a quality program.